Dar Wager Band

DAR WAGER BAND started in 2005 as Sun Child Band. The group members were all music beginners. However, at their young age, they excelled and manifested thorough eagerness to learn more music playing techniques, with continual practice with concrete discipline in order for them to grow more mature and fully develop their artistry, talents and skills. Amusingly, in a span of three (3) months rigid practices and with solid dedication to their passion and love for music, they were able to come up with their first very own song composition entitled “Panaginip“.

One (1) year after, they tried to join band competitions in various provinces and cities in Mindanao – Southern Philippines particularly Cagayan De Oro City, Iligan City, Butuan City, Davao City, Agusan Del Norte, Agusan Del Sur, Misamis Oriental, etc. and has won several prestigious awards in band competitions including winning championships.

In January 2009, the SUN CHILD BAND changed name into DAR WAGER BAND. The name “Dar Wager” was derived and originated from “Darling” Mc Robert P. Baguiz, as many called him “Dar”, and the band named after himself as the composer, lead guitarist and total performer. In Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines, known as the Promised Land, the family owns a farm wherein during payday, Dar was the one who pay wages to the workers. From its actual conception and inspiration, the name “DAR WAGER BAND” was born.

Now, DAR WAGER BAND is on its journey to promote a very unique and special kind of music that they wanted to impart to all Filipino listeners. Today, Filipino music suffers decliantion resulting from low percentage of patronage because of music style that most of the time, don not suit the preferable listening interest and taste of most Filipino music lovers and listeners. DAR WAGER BAND plays their original song compositions with combination of ethnic and progressive rock and combination of alternative and slow rock that can and will definitely capture the heart, mind and almusic souls of individuals.

DAR WAGER BAND is one of a kind in this present generation. The brightest and highly skilled and talented band ever as both of them shines at their captivating young age, all trained with self-discipline, dedication and GOD fearing character. Turning to music is their way of keeping themselves as young Filipino citizens was from vices like smoking, use of prohibited drugs, gambling, intoxicating drinks, etc.